Fish, Fudge and Fun Oh My! Visit Cabela’s in Lehi

Cabela's plane
Enjoy a meal at the Deli, sitting under a bush plane
What do Fish, Fudge, Food and Fun have in common? Cabela’s of course!

It’s a great place to go any time, but especially when the weather isn’t agreeing with your outdoor activities and you have cabin fever (or the kids have cabin fever). So what do you do when you have cabin fever? Go to the biggest “cabin” you can see from the freeway!

The Cabela’s in Lehi has so many fun things to do and see. You can….

  • Feed the fish
  • Walk through the aquarium where you feel like you’re at the bottom of a lake surrounded by fish.
  • Sample fudge at the Fudge Shop (The General Store)
  • Check out the animals on the Mountain. They have a mountain inside the store!
  • Shooting Arcade – feels kind of like the old Frontier Land arcade at Disney World.
  • Grab some food at the deli
  • Check out the Big Game Country Museum and Gun Museum too!
  • Oh and don’t forget to say “hi” to the talking moose above the entrance of the Shooting Arcade
Cabela's Fudge
Fudge! So many flavors to try. Moose Drool, Power Bait, Sugar Free and so much more. Try some FREE samples!

They often have other programs and events they offer for free. This past holiday season they actually had an ice fishing tank set up where the kids could catch a fish and Cabela’s would then grill it up for them. How cool is that?!

It could make a fun date too!

Much of it is free and you only spend money if you want to.

How many different kinds of animals can you find on the Cabela’s mountain?

Cabela's Africa Safari
Visit Africa in Cabela’s. (The background on the wall was hand painted!)