Hike and Exlpore Timpanogos Caves

Mt TimpanogosIf you’ve ever wondered what the bowels of earth looks like, then checking out the formations in Timpanogos Caves is a great place to start.

You will see stalactites and stalagmites of all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as caramel waterfalls, the ladder the original cave explorers used, and if you look close enough you’ll even see formations that look like a crocodile and a bear walking away.

The hiking trail itself is free and the entrance into the cave tours usually cost per person (it’s not very much). If you want to explore the caves for free, take advantage of National Park Free Days.  On the other days Mt Timpanogos caves is a great hike just for fun and exercise, with a nice view included.

Timpanogos Caves Stalactites StalagmitesNot only do they offer cave tours, but they also offer a Jr Ranger program, evening programs and an introduction to caving program.

Here are some tips so your experience can be the best:

  • Bring plenty of water for the hike.
  • If you have small children or have kids that are afraid of heights, then you’ll want to scout it out first. Also, if you have kids that run crazy and don’t listen, know now that the trail boarders steep drop-offs.
  • The trail and caves are open depending on weather, so check the Timpanogos Caves website site before you go.
  • Use the toilets they have on the mountainside just before you get to the cave entrance, especially if you’ve been drinking a lot of water on the way up. Entering the cold caves from the hot weather outside can trigger the sudden need to “go”. Once you enter the caves, there is nowhere to relieve yourselves for about an hour.
  • Bring a camera, sunscreen and wear weather appropriate clothes.

For current prices, operating dates, cave tour times, and other details, visit the Timpanogos Caves National Park website.

Have fun!
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